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Justin's Fro, and why we love it!

Back in the day, when his hair was plastered to his head, Justin Timberlake had all the girls screaming. Now, some of the screams have stopped, all due to his new floppy hair style. Yes, the fro... some love it, some hate it, and it is rumored Justin's getting it cut after they're done with the movie they're making... Well we say NO! Save the FRO!!




Which one do you love?

Why We Love The Fro

~We can't get our hair to look that good

~It's easy year-round maintenence

~It could be worse--it could be Lance's hair

~The way it sticks out of his doo-rags

~It's just so curly and cute

~It keeps Justin in his fantasy world believing he's black

~You just get the urge to run your hands through it

~He looks like a Cabbage Patch doll

~It's not as greasy as Howie D's hair

~Why the hell not??

~Roll outta bed, and your hair's ready for the day

~You can hide stuff in it

Boy, you look good, won't you back that fro up!!