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Some people piss us off. Really, really piss us off. Here is our rant against Eminem...

Marshall Mathers III. What a lame ass name. We guess if you're a true loser like you are, you can just make up another name after a popular candy and act like it's cool. Growing up poor and ugly and in a trailer park means one thing to us: WHITE TRASH. And, like all white trash, it is required that you act better than the rest of the world. But it's okay, cause you rap about it.

This doesn't come from the *Nsync hatred of his. It sure didn't help that he singled them out to make fun of. But think about it, Marshall, you say you'll kick their asses. If we started a war with another group, being outnumbered 5 to 1 wouldn't be exactly a smart idea. But you're an ass so this idea wouldn't make sense to you.

You're worse than Justin Timberlake and his Orlando thug complex. YOU'RE NOT BLACK. But it is funny to watch you act like you are and make an ass out of yourself constantly. We're nto laughing with you, Marshall, we're laughing AT you.

You have no talent. Rapping is not a talent--it's re-hashing what Vanilla Ice did 9 years ago. And he was better at it. We bet everyday Dr. Dre wakes up and wishes he had never heard of you. Because you not only embarrass yourself, you embarrass your producer and mentor, who's the only reason why you did become a star.

Too bad that you've lead SUCH a HARD life. Boo fuckin hoo. Get over it. Everyone has hard times, everyone gets down, everyone is treated like crap. You are not special. What makes you think people care about what happened in your life?? Stop bitching about it and get over it, you pansy ass. I tried to kill myself, mommy abused me, my wife won't let me see our daughter. You shouldn't have knocked her up in the first place. Hopefully the courts will get your daughter as far away from you as humanly possible. Then she won't know daddy was a self-centered asshole who wants mommy dead.

You say you don't want your fans to bother you. Where exactly would you be without them, Marshall?? You'd be in L.A. rapping on the streets for quarters. If you don't have fans, you don't have money. You know, so you can pay all those court fines you have. If we were you, we'd be on our knees kissing every fan's ass so we didn't end up like Vanilla Ice.

We laughed when we heard your wife was all over some guy in a parking lot. HAHA!! We pity her, to have spent the past years with you and your sorry ass. We can visualize the look on your face when you saw her making out with her old boyfriend--and then we laugh at it!! HAHA!!

And poor Detroit to have to be constantly mentioned involving you. Kid Rock put Detroit back on the map, not you. He's an ass too, but we can put up with him.

You SUCKED on MTV's Video Music Awards. *Nsync might not have had the best performance, but at least they put some EFFORT into it. And don't like dress up or anything for the occaision. You looked like hell too. Court dates and the acid diet catching up to you?? We wish Britney and Christina would've gotten a hold of you--you all could've killed each other and rid the world of three assholes.

Eminem--YOU SUCK!!