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Stupid *Nsync Fans

This is the page where we make fun of all the losers we encounter that also like *Nsync... since Marisa happens to be the most evil of the Meatball Grrls, she messes with the dumb people the most, and here are the conversations and emails for everyone's enjoyment!

Ok, we admit it, we made up fake *Nsync e-mail addresses, just to see if anyone would e-mail us, being stupid enough to think that we actually were *Nsync... hahaha! WE GOT ONE!!

Date: Thu, 31 Aug 2000 15:02:08 EDT
Subject: hye please please help me

hey is this jc from nsync??...i heard it me back n tell


After this... I had to mess with the stupid girl some more, and it doesn't hurt that my sn has to do with JC... here's the conversation...

DigitalJCgetdown: hi, this is jc from nsync, i got your email
Perfect Angel 27: i wrote u an email
Perfect Angel 27: ??
DigitalJCgetdown: i know, i got it
DigitalJCgetdown: i'm so sorry about that, my aim shut off
Perfect Angel 27: yeah i got about 5 replies saying hi im jc so i dont believe ne of it
DigitalJCgetdown: what are you talking about?
DigitalJCgetdown: i didn't have a chance to reply to the email
Perfect Angel 27: i got replies from different people....saying they were unless there r like 20 jcs from nsync....u guys r all lyin
DigitalJCgetdown: can you say retard? cause that's what you are. how dumb are you to believe that an email address of crackisgood4u actually being jc. you're such a loser. jc would never write you back anyways.
Perfect Angel 27: wut?
DigitalJCgetdown: do you mean WHAT?
Perfect Angel 27: i looked up jc for sns....n wrote to all of em....i didnt even read the maybe i sent an email to crackisgood4u ...but i didnt even read the sn....n i didnt care if he wrote back or not....n ur a loser for tryin to pretend that u were him
DigitalJCgetdown: no, it's just so funny cause you're a loser and i like making fun of people like you.
DigitalJCgetdown: oh, and learn how to spell, that's annoying
Perfect Angel 27: its slang...i know how to spell
DigitalJCgetdown: yeah, but it's annoying like you

I got this IM from this girl randomly online... I found her completely pathetic and she went away after I told her how lame I thought her act was... read on!

Stupid Fan (SF): Hey are you on?
DigitalJCgetdown: yeah
SF: have you read my info?
DigitalJCgetdown: yeah
SF: cool.
SF: I guess you really like JC!!!
DigitalJCgetdown: yeah, just a little ;-)
SF: that cool
SF: I have a friend that know them in person.
DigitalJCgetdown: oh really?
SF: I have JC real e-mail.
DigitalJCgetdown: i'm sure
SF: I'm tell it the ture.
DigitalJCgetdown: ok...
SF: I have talk to him on the yahoo chat some time.
DigitalJCgetdown: sure
SF: but I do know that he been busy with tour right now.
SF: I have talk to him over the phone!!!!
DigitalJCgetdown: ok, i'm not into teenyboppers lying about knowing nsync, it's lame

This loser's profile...
Hi JC's Fans! Hey you all I'm out of my class right now. I'm really happy. Well want to tell you all the guys from Nsync are doing ok here. I have give JC my gife for christmas. I have been wirte song and some good one! Well I have been date JC for about 7 mouth now. I have been date him for a long time now. I really love him for who he is from the inside of his heart. I really like to talk about any thing about my life to you all Nsync fans and I have some thing that I can tell you about and hope that you have any thing that on your mind please do IM me and I well try and help you out in any way. God Bess you all and have safe Christmas and hope to have Happy New Year to you all and to The NSYNC guys too love you all bye bye bye!

SF: Hi there Merry Christmas!
DigitalJCgetdown: um, hi
SF: I guess you don't remember me do you!!
DigitalJCgetdown: yeah, i kinda do... weren't you the one that pretended to know jc and nsync??
SF: Yea that one I still know them.
DigitalJCgetdown: i'm sure you do
SF: Well I still like them and I have keep in touch with them.
DigitalJCgetdown: sure you do, i'm sure you call them on the phone and they talk to you all the time cause God knows they have all the time in the world to talk to you
SF: Well yes I do!
DigitalJCgetdown: oh then maybe you could answer this question for me... how is lance's ferret? i've been dying to know
SF: Huh?
DigitalJCgetdown: how is dirk? he is doing good? any furballs lately?
SF: Lance is doing fine here!
DigitalJCgetdown: HOW'S THE FERRET?!?!
SF: but he out for the weeks
SF: What is ferret
SF: ?
DigitalJCgetdown: Lance's ferret, Dirk... since you know Nsync and all, you should know Dirk...
DigitalJCgetdown: so can't you just get Lance on the phone and ask him how Dirk is?

Ok... I do kinda feel bad for this one... KINDA....
GhettoDooRag: hi, do you really know nsync??
SF: Yes I do know them.
GhettoDooRag: oh that is just too cool! how did you meet them?
SF: At the concert
GhettoDooRag: did you stalk them or something?
SF: yes they are really sweet guys

SF: JC my fave
GhettoDooRag: so you did stalk them?
SF: I have talk to them
GhettoDooRag: you have talked to them? a lot?
SF: I keep in touch with JC the most of my time
GhettoDooRag: oh really? how old are you?
SF: 20
SF: I'm turn 21 in next mouth
GhettoDooRag: so you're 21, and have no spelling and grammar skills whatsoever? did you even finish high school?
SF: not yet
SF: I'm have hearing loss
GhettoDooRag: oh that's too bad.. so does nsync feel bad for you or something, or do you just like to pretend that you know them?
SF: They know it and the like me for being me
GhettoDooRag: uh-huh
SF: I have is JC's e-mail, Yahoo s/n, and phone number too
GhettoDooRag: oh me too, doesn't everyone?
SF: yea right you have that
GhettoDooRag: oh i do!
SF: I have JC's real one the e-mail
GhettoDooRag: like i said me too
SF: ha ha
GhettoDooRag: hard to believe, isn't it?
GhettoDooRag: ditto
SF: but ok then
SF: I know where he is right now.
GhettoDooRag: yeah, he's with me, in my bed
SF: I have a friend that have meet them.
SF: he not there in your bed
GhettoDooRag: yes he is... he says hi by the way
SF: yea right
SF: he can be in your bed and know that you just joke about in
SF: it**
SF: I know where he at and I know it.
GhettoDooRag: me too, he's in my bed, well not now, cause he got up to get something to eat, but he'll be back soon
SF: My friend know the real Nsync guys are at
SF: so why you have IM me for?
GhettoDooRag: just to see if you really knew nsync
SF: know that you may have read my info
SF: I really think JC is with you in your bed like I should ever think he in you bed what is your name??
GhettoDooRag: my name is mrs. chasez, and he is in my bed right now!
SF: yea right you mrs. chasez whatever
GhettoDooRag: like whatever... you really know them too... riiiiight
SF: I wish Iwould have talk to him
SF: know if that is the real JC
SF: I'm hope you not that one girl
GhettoDooRag: ok, no
SF: that one girl name is Bobbie
GhettoDooRag: like jc's g/f??
SF: are you really Boobie????????
SF: Bobbie**
GhettoDooRag: yeah, why else would jc be in my bed?
SF: I can't belive you are Bobbie.
SF: know that not being fair
GhettoDooRag: muhahahahahaha
SF: I know where real JC is and know that you one little........
SF: I can't say it to you
SF: Ha ha ha ha lol
GhettoDooRag: um, ok
GhettoDooRag: oh i am so missing out now!
SF: :-(
GhettoDooRag: you know, jc is really good in bed... like the best i've ever had, since you know him and all, maybe you could join us sometime... we like to be adventurous
SF: Hey do you know a girl name Kamerin Bell.
GhettoDooRag: what's that have to do w/ anything?
SF: I just want to know if you know her?
GhettoDooRag: no
GhettoDooRag: now answer my question... you wanna join us sometime? it would be so fun!
SF: I guess it fine with me.
GhettoDooRag: that's good
GhettoDooRag: ya know what?
SF: what
GhettoDooRag: i have a friend that is fucking joey
SF: oh really
GhettoDooRag: oh yeah, her and the meatballs get it on, on a regular basis
SF: lol
GhettoDooRag: she just told me that he likes it doggy style
SF: do you have any pic of you and JC together
GhettoDooRag: not on the internet, no
SF: Ha ha ha ha then you not Bobbie.
GhettoDooRag: lol
GhettoDooRag: i know there's lots of pics of me and jc floating around, but none out of my personal collection... lots of them are R rated anyways...
SF: you just don't want any one to have that and see you and JC fucking each other in bed that all.
GhettoDooRag: exactly
SF: ok why is that you not let JC talk to me here.
SF: I would want to talk to talk to him.
GhettoDooRag: well he doesn't know you, so why would he talk to you?
SF: well then he not the real JC then.
GhettoDooRag: he doesn't know you, seriously
SF: yea right know that he would have and know that he don't have time to talk to one little fan that love him so much then he not there for real
GhettoDooRag: seriously, he just told me he has no clue who you are... get out of la la land
SF: what ever
GhettoDooRag: sorry, it's not my fault, really it isn't
SF: brb
GhettoDooRag: k

Auto response from SF: Hi %N= Hey This JC's Girl not here right now so do you thing,ha ha ha, just kidden so leave a massage beep!

SF: Im back.

Auto response from GhettoDooRag: Sorry I'm not available right now, me and JC are going at it hot and heavy right now... be back soon... maybe...!

GhettoDooRag: ok, sorry about that
SF: Huh
GhettoDooRag: i had an away message up
SF: that not good message for other fan to read that!
GhettoDooRag: well, most probably won't see it, so i don't care
SF: but any always have to go bye.