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We here at Meatball Heaven know there are plenty of other pop stars that deserve some making fun of too! But the ones we'll make fun of here, we don't adore like we adore *Nsync... this is just pure hate here! Enjoy!

The Backstreet Boys

Ok, Joey's a big guy... BUT Nick Carter is bigger! From scrawny 13 year old to big fat 19, Nick has certainly gained a lot of weight through the years... In fact, isn't that what they're new song is about?

Lookin back on the things I ate...
I was trying to gain some weight.
I ate my twinkies
In the dark,
So let me show you the shape of Nick's gut


Meatball Heaven is not responsible for any medical problems following the viewing of this picture.


Whoa, Nick has a fatter head than Joey!!

Did anyone actually buy the new BSB cd, Black and Blue? WE DIDN'T!! Us *Nsync girlies are boycotting the new cd, somewhat to show our support for *Nsync, but also not to waste our money! We KNOW that the majority of the songs will be those sappy ballads, and we're sick of them! Once in a while, they're ok, but not over half the album should be ballads, dammit! So take the Black and Blue Boycott with us! DON'T BUY THE BACKSTREET BOYS NEW ALBUM!! We have spoken...


It's true, it's true, *Nsync will kick BSB ass!

The Blonde Bitches



If you can't call these 2 whores, who can you call a whore?


~*Why we dislike the Backstreet Boys*~
~They sing all ballads anymore
~Nick gained 400 lbs in the past 2 years
~AJ is a freak
~Kevin hasn't washed his hair since Millenium came out
~Howie is a gay latino... we think he's had an affair with Lance...
~Brian is too holy for his own good... he is also married to a bitch
~Shape of my heart? hahahaha! That song blows!!

~*Why we dislike Britney Spears*~
~She dates Justin Timberlake... he is soo Leah's man
~She got implants at age 17, and no one can deny that she hasn't!
~Her songs are so f'n annoying!
~She's so fake
~Her hair is always greasy, obviously that deal with Herbal Essences didn't work out...
~Her mechanical voice
~She has absolutely no talent, and no, stripping does not count!

~*Why we dislike Christina Aguilera*~
~Those damn hair extensions that look like crap
~The way she trys to impress people by holding out notes and making her voice waver... you're not Mariah Carey and you never will be, bitch! It doen't sound good when YOU do that!
~How she never wears any clothes!
~Her annoying songs with the sexual're not foolin anyone, honey

Hey, we still be workin on makin' fun o' dese peeps, yo!