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Welcome to the funniest *Nsync humor page you'll ever
see!! CAUTION:If you have no sense of humor and can't take a joke, LEAVE you LOSER!! But if you're cool and can laugh at what we have to say, have a great time, and don't forget to sign the guestbook!!


Making people laugh since August 15, 2000!

Now don't take this the wrong way... we love *Nsync, we're huge fans of them. But... we know how to make take a joke, and Lord knows we make enough of them when it comes to *Nsync. We realize that the guys most likely DO NOT do drugs, have sex with each other, constantly try to kill themselves, and have not slept with half of the woman population of the free world. We made this all in good fun, so don't take it personally! We know how mean we can be, but IT'S ALL A JOKE!!! If you don't like it, go away.


Check out dem hotties up dere. They be kickin it cuz dey so fly an drivin us crazy, yo...

~*Members Of *Nsync And Their Jobs*~

-Lead vocals

-Lead vocals

-Entertainment purposes only

-To keep all the hoes away from Justin and JC

-To make fun of everyone else in the band


Always check back for new updates on the page. New pages will be added on a regular basis to keep you laughing at *Nsync!

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