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It's The End Of The World As We Know It...

*Lance becomes the heartthrob of *Nsync and Justin is known as "that other blonde one"

*Chris has nothing to make fun of

*JC's weight sky-rockets to 105 pounds

*Joey becomes sick of being the "FAT ONE" and becomes anorexic

*Justin realizes he's white

*Lance's IQ climbs to 62

*The boys decide pop isn't for them and come out with a classical album

*Joey declares his celibacy

*In concert--hip-hop dancing is out, Riverdance is in

*The boys trade in their baggy clothes for all spendex outfits

*Lance admits he's straight

*Chris lets the world know--he is best friends with Lance

*Nsync topples from their status of top boy band, being replaced by LFO

*Justin decides blondes do not have more fun, so he dyes his hair black and straightens it, then gets brown contacts

*Eminem, in his suicide note, admits to being a huge *Nsync fan

*Chris decides to put those God-awful shitlocks back in his hair

*JC decides to quit *Nsync and join the Backstreet Boys

*The boys stop making regular videos, opting instead for more "grown-up" porn features

*It is discovered Lance has a fan

*Joey becomes sick of women and flirting and takes up knitting as his new hobby

*Justin realizes all the pelvic thrusts aren't necessary

*Joey sounds intelligent while talking

*Lance; This month's centerfold in Playgirl

*No more hair gel

*Joey reveals he is a virgin

At the end of the world, we get into heaven and Lance is there...hell's lookin preeetty good...