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This interview they did with Cosmo Girl establishes 3 main things. 1) Joey is truly dumb. 2) Never take a shower after Lance or eat a sno-cone he made. 3)Chris cracks us up.

We had the guys swith names--and personalities. (Don't panic--it was only temporary!!) We made up name tags, mixed them up, and had each *Nsync member answer a bunch of questions as the person on his tag. It was hilarious!!

CG: Okay Joey, you're Chris. Finish this sentence; "My best quality is..."
Joey: "I'm Chris, and my best qualities are my sense of humor and my wisdom because I'm so smart and older and wiser than everyone."
Justin: "Hi, I'm JC, and my best quality is my creativity."
Chris: "I'm Lance, and my best quality is my big booty. No, just kidding. My best quality is my sense of knowledge about business matters."
JC: "Hello, my name is Joey, and my best quality is my positive attitude."
Lance: "I'm Justin, and my best quality is my sense of humor."
Justin: (panicking because he didn't hear what Lance said) My what?? My what?? (laughter)

CG: "When I get up in the morning the first thing I do is..."
Joey: "Hi, my name is Chris, and the first thing I do in the morning is scratch."
Justin: "Hi, I'm JC, and the first thing I do in the morning is...stretch."
Chris: "My name's Lance, and the first thing I do in the morning is pee in the shower." (laughter)
Justin: That's the best!
Lance: It's true.
JC: (joking) "My name's Joey, and the first thing I do in the morning is drop the kids off at the pool."
Lance: "Hi, I'm Justin, and the first thing I do in the morning is eat a bowl of Cap'n Crunch cereal."

CG: "The last thing I do before I go to bed is..."
Joey: "I'm Chris, and before I go to bed I check my e-mails and play Dreamcast and then I check my e-mails some more and then I play Dreamcast again..." (laughter)
Justin: "I'm JC, and before I go to sleep I write down what happened in the day." (To JC) You still do that?
JC: I haven't done that since were in Hamburg.
Chris: "My name's Lance, and the last thing I do
is call my mom."
Everyone: Awwwwwww!!
JC: "I'm Joey, and the last thing I do is leave whatever club I'm at."
Lance: "I'm Justin, and the last thing I do before bed is, ummmm, put some hip-hop music on and rap a prayer."

CG: "I think I look just like..."
Joey: "I'm Chris and I look just like Fievel the Mouse! (everyone totally cracks up because it's true)
Justin: "My name's JC, and I think I look just like Madonna!"
JC: (explaining) I don't think I look like anyone famous. I look plain.
Chris: "I'm Lance, and I think I look just like my dad."
JC: "My name's Joey, and I think I look jus tlike Blossom." (laughter)
Lance: Mine's easy. "I'm Justin, and I look like Ryan Phillippe."

CG: "I hate it when a girl..."
Joey: "I'm Chris, and I hate when a girl is way taller than me."
Justin: "I'm JC, and I hate it when a girl talks about her ex-boyfriend."
Chris: "I'm Lance, and I hate it when a girl starts talking about our future together, starts putting on all this pressure to get married, and then tells my other friends certain things that don't really happen, but she makes them up because she wants to live in her own little dream world."
Lance: That was my ex-ex-ex-ex girlfriend from like twenty years ago.
JC: "I'm Joey, and I hate it when a girl plays hard to get." (laughter)
Lance: "I'm Justin, and I hate it when a girl talks about herself too much."
Justin: Exactly! Good answer.

CG: "When it comes to meeting girls, my best pick-up line is..."
Joey: "I'm Chris, and I say 'You want tickets to the show?'"
Justin: "I'm JC, and I meet girls by using my quietness, my mystery."
Chris: How about this one; "I'm Lance. You know that third song? I produced that." (laughter)
JC: "My name's Joey. My pick-up line is (switches to cartoon voice) I can do the Bobby voice." (laughter)
Lance: "I'm Justin, and I don't need a line. I just sing a little bit and all the girls are like 'OHHHHH.'"

We asked the guys to write down anonymous questions for each other-things they've always wanted to know but have never asked. Then we put the slips of paper into a hat and drew them out one at a time. For some reason, Joey seemed to get a lot more questions than everyone else...

CG: Okay the first question is for...Joey! "How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?" (everyone laughs)
Joey: Ummmmm...I don't know. I think it depends on how big the woodchuck is. If he was a big fat one, he could probably chuck alot. Ten pounds.

CG: "Justin; Would you ever been in your wet suit?" (laughter)
Justin: I would, and I have.

CG: "JC; Were there any off-screen romances on the Mickey Mouse Club?" (general oohing)
JC: Yes. But I don't name names.
Lance: (joking) Can I name names?

CG: Okay..."Joey, How many girls have you dated at one time?"
Joey: I think three was the most.

CG: "Justin; Have you ever looked in the mirror naked and done the shake-it dance and thought you looked good?" And they define the shake-it dance as 'move your hips from side to side.' (everyone practically dies laughing)
Justin: That question is so Chris. My answer is; Every morning when I get up. Right after I get out of the shower I do the shake-it dance.

CG: Okay..."Joey; If a plane crashes on the border of Canada and the United States, where do they bury the survivors?"
Joey: Aha! You can't bury the survivors in the water! (everyone cracks up)
CG: What?! Where'd the water come from? The point is, you don't bury survivors.
Joey: Don't write that, please, I suck! I thought they were dead!

CG: "Justin; What's the name of the last girl you kissed?"
Justin: Names? I don't give names.
CG: How many letters?
Justin: Five.
CG: What does it begin with?
Justin: None of your business.

CG: "Joey; How many total animals did Moses bring on the ark?"
Joey: it again. How many total animals did Moses...
JC: Moses didn't even have an ark!

CG: Okay, here's one for Chris; "Who was the first person to beat you at every or any sport, and how did you feel?"
Chris: Ooh, that's a good one, a serious one too. Justin beat me in every sport. No, wait. When I was like seven years old I was on a Little League team that sucked. Once I got beaned by a pitch.
CG: Did you get knocked unconscious?
Chris: No, but I had to take first base.
JC: But you don't pitch in T-ball!
Chris: I know. I'm the only kid who got beaned by a pitch in T-ball! (laughter)
Lance: Wouldn't you always get totally pissed at the kids who couldn't even hit the freakin ball off the T?
JC: Lance is just venting.

CG: "Justin; Have you ever farted in public and blamed it on someone else?"
Justin: All the time, of course...Joey!

CG: "Lance; Did you ever dirty up the ice at your sno-cone factory job?"
Lance: Joey...
Joey: No, I did not write that one!
Lance: One time a bug flew into a cone I was making, but I didn't want to scoop it out because all the customers were watching. So I just kinda covered it up.

CG: There's no name on this question, but something tells me it's for Joey. "If it takes four men two hours to dig a hole, how long does it take for two men to dig half a hole?" Come on you guys, I feel bad for Joey! Here's another one for him. "If you travel from point A to point B
and you..." NOOOO!! I don't even want to read it. Okay, this is the last question. "Chris; Can you describe the worst hairstyle you've ever had?"
Chris: (joking) Well, I had braids on top of my head and then I put them in a ponytail...No, I take that back. In the early 90's I actually had a pulse shaved on the side of my head, and then I had the front bleached blond. I thought I was Vanilla Ice.

Shout out to Dani Simpson for sending this to us. :*