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We understand that when you go to see *Nsync in concert, you might get bored. Here's what we recommend you do to liven up the concert for yourself...


~Get a big ol' bag of stuffed animals and on the count of 3, you and all your friends open fire on the stage

~Find a huge bra (like a 60GG) and throw it on stage--Watch Joey desparately look for the woman that can fill the bra

~Buy those "Small Pecker" condoms and throw them at Lance--he might get the hint

~Get out the Super Soaker and wet down some *Nsync boooo-tay

~Throw C-Note CDs onto the stage and see how pissed off they get


~Paste your favorite *Nsyncers' head to a naked dude's body and show the pictures around, telling people that they are from your private collection

~If a girl in front of you holds up a huge sign, blocking your perfect view of JC and his tight leather pants, get out your wallet and whip pennies at her until she gets the message

~Break your *Nsync glowstick in half and dump it out on the girl in front of you and the really nice tour shirt she has on that you couldn't afford

~Sing Backstreet Boys songs as loud as you can

~Before the concert starts, point to across the arena and yell out "HEY!! Isn't that Justin over there in a wifebeater!?"

~Just as the show starts, break out the Aim n Flames--the glowsticks are boring and we guarantee they'll have no clue what the glowing white things are


~Ask Justin's mom if he's, you know, a natural blonde

~Inform Chris's relatives that you're his cousin

~Ask Lance's mom how the abortion went wrong and her son resulted

~Ask Joey's brother for Big Poppa Meatball's digits

~Go up to Justin's mom, do your best dance to "Baby One More Time," and ask her to put you in Innoskanks

~Tell Joey's mom you seriously have to talk to her about her future grandchild

~Tell Lance's parents how they must be so proud of the celebrity in their family...Dirk


~Ask a big security guard if you can jump up and down on his stomach

~Repeatedly run into a guard head-first and then fall to the ground

~Go up to one and say "Oh my God!! Granny Kirkpatrick is diabetic and needs sugar!! Get her some funnel cakes NOW!!"

The No Strings Attached Tour Will Never Be The Same...