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We know Lance isn't completely stupid. These are some of the extremely intelligent sayings we think he'd come up with...

>I bet condoms would make good waterproof hats

>All birds can fly, but not if they don't have wings

>I'm kinda faded but I feel alright

>Purple is a good color

>Someday I hope all the children of the world can sleep over at my house

>If *Nsync was a box of chocolates, I'd be busy eating all day

>Rainbows will appear after blizzards

>If you like people as the same sex as you, others will think you're cool

>If you take the "B" off my last name, I'd be Lance Ass

>Flowers are pretty

>When applying eyeliner, remember--less is always more

>If straight is 5 and homo is 6 then that must make me 7

>QT from 2ge+her is hot, I would like to...uh never mind

>Even without gel my hair is pointy

>If I could be any super hero I would be Wonder Woman cuz she has a cool outfit

>Hey, that a cool idea; I can be Wonder Woman and Joey is my Superman, and together we fight crime and have sex

>Labs are not evil places; I spent the first 18 years of my life there, and it was pretty good except for the beatings and electroshock

>Why can't we all just get along??

>God, I need laid so bad

>I'm quitting *Nsync and joining Steps--my nickname can be L for Loser

>My parents get paid for acting like they like me

>Look at me, I'm Lancey B!

>Dolphins ROCK!!!

>Eminem--he can melt in my mouth, not in my hands

>Lance Bass=Nice Ass

>Shiny things are cool

>I'm SUPER!! Thanks for asking!!

>Remember, your high heels should always match your purse


>My name backwards is Ecnal Ssab

>Pantyhose are fun to play with

>Oh, Joey you're so fine, you're so fine you blow my mind!!

>Fire engines are red

>Bunnies should only have two feet and have four ears


>I'm a loser

>I have no friends, so I talk to my fuzzy slippers

>If I dye my hair blue, it'll look good.

>Caboodles are a good way to organize your makeup and accesories.

>Joey is so hot he makes my teeth sweat.

>Ferrets are cool!

Lance Bass, the Great Thinker of our time...