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Here are some of the things we would do if we were *Nsync...

~Kick Lance out

~No Strings Attached Naked Tour 2000

~Make Justin take English lessons

~Tame Joey's meatballs

~Take away JC's crack and give it to the needy

~Anything we want...Hell, we're *Nsync remember??

~Beat Lance on a daily basis, just to keep him in line

~Wifebeaters and tight jeans...ALWAYS

~Get a brush and finally brush our hair

~Have fun with Joey's hair--different colors everyday

~Backstage passes to all the hometown girls

~Get a good look at Chris's trouser snake

~New songs would be on the concert list: Back That Azz Up, Baby Got Back, Do Me, and I Wanna Sex You Up

~We'd also start doing solos in concert: JC sings "Cocaine," Joey sings "My Perrogative," Lance sings "Loser," Justin sings "Where my niggaz at?," and Chris sings "Caught Out There"

~The new video is in the style of D'angelo's "Untitled (How Does It Feel)"

~Once and for all, take out the Backstreet Boys


~Meatballs for everyone!!

~No more teeny-boppers; all girls must be legal (or close to it)

~The Meatball Waiver would be a permenant fixture

~No more tight clothes for Lance

~Daily spankings sound like fun

~Tie a rope 'round Lance, hang him from the ceiling, and beat his ass pinata-style

~Play a game: JUMP ON JOEY!!

~Lots and lots of football with Chris: but let HIM tackle US

~Replace JC's crack with baking soda and watch him go nuts when he figures it out

~Have fun putting Justin's hair in cornrows

~Mud-wrestling sounds cool

~Lots of massages after concerts--you know, to loosen up muscles and stuff

~Throw toliet water at Lance

~Nightly naked time

~Reattach Chris' shitlocks in the middle of the night and see if he flips out when he wakes up

We're *Nsync now!! YAY!!