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The Boys That Rock Our World


Joseph Anthony Fatone, Jr.
To you it's: Joey
Nicknames: Superman, Pimp-daddy
Public Perception: Big Whore
Favorite Quote: "You legal? You look legal! You want some of my meatball hoagie??"
If Joey was in 2gether he'd be: The Rebel


James Lanceton Bass
To you it's: Lance
Nicknames: The Woman, Loser
Public Perception: Homosexual
Favorite Quote: "I feel pretty! Oh so pretty! I feel pretty and witty and GAY!"
If Lance was in 2gether he'd be: The Shy One


Joshua Scott Chasez
To you it's: JC
Public Perception: Drug Addict
Nicknames: Sleepyhead, Crackhead
Favorite Quote: "Bouncie! Bouncie! Look at me! I can bounce off walls!"
If JC was in 2gether he'd be: The Heartthrob


Justin Randall Timberlake
To you it's: Justin
Nicknames: Timby, Ju-Ju, Wanna-be ghetto thug
Public Perception: Orlando Thug
Favorite Quote: "Have you seen my doo-rag? I need to cover up my cornrows, yo!"
If Justin was in 2gether he'd be: The Cute One


Christopher Allan Kirkpatrick
To you it's: Chris
Nicknames: Chris, HateMaster
Public Perception: Miserable
Favorite Quote: "I don't need a kick in the nuts to reach the high notes!"
If Chris was in 2gether he'd be: The Older Brother


Wow... how did they fit that many people in there...? Hey!! B-Real from Cypress Hill is in there!! Oh, wait, it's Joey...


What a pretty wittle boy! Why did they let Lance in the picture? Throw a bone and maybe he'll chase it...


What is Lance doing with that hammer?? It looks like he's about to knock the hell out of Chris. He best not, if he knows what's good for him...