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The boys are ready to make their move. First Orlando, then the U.S., then the world. Yep, the boys are takin over, and this is what each will do with their new power over Earth...

Group Agenda
~All other boy bands are destroyed
~No more lame merchandise
~No more touring--all the fans must come to THEM
~Orlando is now capital of the world
~No more cramped tour buses

Joey's Agenda
~Make sure prostitution is allowed, but only for him
~Start the Fatone Edible Underwear line
~Porn is available on every street corner
~Every Italian man is allowed to have a harem of girls in his house
~Polygomy, Shmalygomy--have as many wives as you want
~Making no sense is next to godliness
~Red hair is damn cool

JC's Agenda
~Give all the straving children of the world a job; growing his "crops"
~All clothing must be tight and have no sleeves
~Being serious is very cool
~Screw work--sleep all day
~Start a new campaign--Crack: The Other White Powder

Justin's Agenda
~Some sort of doo-rag clothing must be worn at all times
~Ebonics is the official international language
~Sequins and rhinestones score you extra points
~All humans will be genetically engineered to have naturally curly blonde hair
~"Yo" must be said an average of 30.7 times a day
~All hair-straightening devices must be destroyed

Chris's Agenda
~No more albinos from Mississippi
~Everyone must have a pug dog and name it after a rapper
~Kill every Bass you see--they cannot be allowed to reproduce
~Shitlocks are cool for awhile, but then they fade out of style

Lance's Agenda
~Pretty flowers everywhere
~Everything is the color purple
~Dirk is God
~"Poo Foo" would be the new greeting instead of "Hello"
~Dark brown roots must show at all times
~You cannot dance in accordance with rhythm--dance to your own beat


Bow to your new gods... *NSYNC!! Muhahahaha!

Signs of the Apocolypse 1) Acid Rain, 2) Heavens Fall From Sky, 3) *Nsync Rules World, 4) Plague and Pestulence...