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As you can probably tell, we amuse ourselves to no end with *Nsync... here's some more thoughts about what we think about them!

~VellingaChick10 is Nicki
~DMBchic131 is Leah
~DigitalJCgetdown is Marisa

VellingaChick10: has joey ever sang a song called 'you took your love away from me?"
DMBchic131: he wrote it after some girl ditched him while they were having sex in a closet
VellingaChick10: you liar
VellingaChick10: LOL!!
VellingaChick10: he never wrote a song to lance
VellingaChick10: ahhh!!! you should hear my pretty joey sing!!
DMBchic131: oh jeez
VellingaChick10: i think it's him
VellingaChick10: it sounds like him
VellingaChick10: oh, his voice is sooo beautiful
VellingaChick10: better than thrusty justy
DMBchic131: bull shit
DMBchic131: did i say that out loud
DMBchic131: hehe
VellingaChick10: he is better than justin!!
DMBchic131: uh huh
VellingaChick10: he is--but justin is the cute little blonde so make justin sing all the time
DMBchic131: i don't think so
VellingaChick10: i do
VellingaChick10: and he is a better dancer
DMBchic131: everyone is entitled to there on opinion even if they r wrong
VellingaChick10: but i'm right
VellingaChick10: LOL
VellingaChick10: i can see your face now
DMBchic131: y
VellingaChick10: you're probably fuming
VellingaChick10: but joey is better
DMBchic131: not really
DMBchic131: my fat ass he is
VellingaChick10: he is--justin is a wannabe
DMBchic131: oh nicki quit smokin crack
DMBchic131: it's bad for u and ur mind
VellingaChick10: hey
DMBchic131: it has made u think an ugly thing such as joey is attractive
DMBchic131: hehe
VellingaChick10: we didn't name our website after JUSTIN's testicles now did we??
DMBchic131: no we named it after the obese back up singing pimp italian
DMBchic131: tha we all know and love of course
VellingaChick10: he is not obese!! he is big boned
VellingaChick10: in more ways than 1
DMBchic131: uh huh
VellingaChick10: at least he can get better hoes than britney
DMBchic131: he is only screwin britney i am his true love
DMBchic131: get it straight
VellingaChick10: riiighttt...
VellingaChick10: that means in the end you get britney germs
DMBchic131: he uses 20 condoms when he is w/ her
DMBchic131: duh!

DigitalJCgetdown: you will never guess how much jc really weighs
VellingaChick10: i dunno
VellingaChick10: not more than joey
DigitalJCgetdown: no way...
DigitalJCgetdown: 1...
DigitalJCgetdown: 4...
DigitalJCgetdown: 5...
DigitalJCgetdown: !
VellingaChick10: no fucking way!!
DigitalJCgetdown: lol, yes!!
VellingaChick10: omg!! i think he is lying
DigitalJCgetdown: lol, i dunno... he could be!
VellingaChick10: i think that is wrong though
DigitalJCgetdown: i dunno... i found it on a very realiable website
VellingaChick10: wow!! joey must be about 300 then
DigitalJCgetdown: his head alone is 150
VellingaChick10: haha
VellingaChick10: he does not have a big head--he has a big face though
VellingaChick10: but he does not have a big head
DigitalJCgetdown: <<cough, big head, cough>>
VellingaChick10: yeah, yeah, yeah--i love him and all of his large extremities
DigitalJCgetdown: lol
DigitalJCgetdown: only you do
VellingaChick10: i would bear his big headed children too
VellingaChick10: so there :P
DigitalJCgetdown: they'd never come out though
DigitalJCgetdown: painful labor
VellingaChick10: i'm sure the conception would be painful too
DigitalJCgetdown: lol
VellingaChick10: his other head is probably fat too :-)
DigitalJCgetdown: omg! lol!
VellingaChick10: it's true it's true
DigitalJCgetdown: *smacks forhead*

DigitalJCgetdown: the blonde hair doesn't look good on his fat head
VellingaChick10: AGGGGGGGGHHHH
DigitalJCgetdown: lol
VellingaChick10: he does not have a fat head!!`
DigitalJCgetdown: yes... he does
VellingaChick10: jc is a limp dick
DigitalJCgetdown: no, he has a nice hard dick
DigitalJCgetdown: i see it all the time when he wears those tight pants
VellingaChick10: yeah right--that is a banana he stuffs down his pants
DigitalJCgetdown: no, that's joey, wait, his pants are too tight for him to shove anything down them
VellingaChick10: i like em with lots of ass
DigitalJCgetdown: <cough, fat ass, cough>
VellingaChick10: <cough, pussy, cough>
DigitalJCgetdown: WHOA!!!!!
DigitalJCgetdown: i don't think so!!

Recently, Nicki has admitted she LIKES Lance!! Yes, as startling as it may be, she has admitted that he is not that "hideously unattractive anymore." Oh the horror! Nicki needs to stop smoking crack!

The *Nsync Sleepover
We decided that since we had a 4 day weekend, that we would have an *Nsync sleepover and watch *Nsync tapes and all that good stuff. The fighting continued between Leah and Nicki as they were making fun of each other's favorite *Nsyncer.
"Joey has a fat head!"
"Justin couldn't get anyone to suck him except Britney!"
"Joey looks like his dad!"
"I want to suck his balls so bad!"~Nicki talking about Joey
"Gay man sex is hot!"~Nicki on one of her many fetishes
"Thrusty Justy gets all the solos!"... "That's because Joey can't sing!"
"Joey could use a thimble for a condom!"

Nicki thought of how all the guys would be in bed, and here's her opinions on that (Wanker sizes included)...
Justin seems like he would be very submissive in bed, but once he gets started and gets to know the girl, he would get very passionate and get his freak on! (long and thin)
Joey reeks of sex. He seems like he would be very experienced in bed and always willing to try new things. "He can flat out get his fuck on!" (long and thick)
JC seems like he would be really romantic and passionate in bed. He also seems like he'd be into the marathon thing, stamina and distance is what he's into. (short and thick)
Chris seems like he would be serious and intense and to make sure that everything is good for the other person. "I bet he has some really big balls!" (short and thick)
Lance seems like he wouldn't know what to with either man or woman. (short and thin, if existant at all)



"LOOK AT THAT FAT HEAD!" ~Leah and Marisa

We're crazy, yes we know... but we're crazy for *Nsync!