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Some things *Nsync say and do make us stop, scratch our heads, look at each other, and wonder what the hell is going on. Here of some things that give us that blank look...

<> Chris is 5'9". Chris doesn't have exceptionally large feet or hands. Chris has an extremely huge bulge in his pants.

<> If you look have *Nsync's individual posters, take a good look at them. You'll find yourself having de-ja-vu like we did. They all have the SAME DAMN HAIR. And if you look, they appear to have crusty hair. Roll out of bed, stick gel in, make hair stick straight up on head, voila!! *Nsync hairstyling 101. How much gel do you think they use in one month??

<> Lance cannot sing. Lance cannot dance. Lance has a personality factor of 0. Lance is currently a member of the most successful boy band around.

<> Joey's a big guy. Joey is very Italian. When Joey opens his mouth, you'd think he'd have a deep voice. Noooooo. Joey has not only a high pitched voice, but an even higher singing voice.

<> If you shorten Joey's first and second names, his full name would be Joey Tony Fatone.

<> Lance is a loser. Lance went out with Kathy Griffin. She claims HE pressured HER to have sex with HIM. HAHAHAHAHA!! Not even if a person was deaf, blind, and dumb, Lance, would they screw your albino ass. HAHAHAHA!!

<> What the hell is "poo foo"? We still have no clue. Sure, we can guess that it's his gentialia or some sort of odd game him and Joey have, but what is it really??

<> If you're alert, you've caught THE LOOK. It's when Justin and JC are just hangin around, performing on stage, giving an interview, and BAM!! it happens. That slow, deep look they give each other, that look that no one but them can begin to fathom. Maybe it's means, "Hey, we're out of chocolate donuts on the tour bus," or "I have to use the bathroom really bad." Whatever THE LOOK means, it scares us.

<> JC's a pretty manly guy. JC is frequently seen in fur coats when seen out on the town. Someone needs to tell him that is not cool. No more fashion tips from Lance!!

<> Justin is from Tennessee. Justin has light skin, blonde hair, and blue eyes. Justin is in a pop group. He lives in Orlando. Where the hell does he get the idea he is a thug??

<> We have a pretty good idea of our boys' ethnic backgrounds. Joey's Italian (duh--FATONE), JC is French(hello-Chasez), Justin is probably German (somehow we came to this conclusion), and Chris is probably a Heinz 57 (so are we--it's a Western Pennsylvania thing.) For the life of us, we cannot figure out what the hell Lance is. Bass?? We've asked everyone--no one has a clue what he might be. This leads us to further believe he was created in a lab.

<> For monthes, Justin denied that he was dating Britney Spears. Now all of a sudden, they both admitted to dating each other....

We still have no clue what is going on...