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What if we found out *Nsync's phone numbers and called them, but they weren't around? Here's what we thought their messages would sound like...

Answering Machines

Justin: Yo yo yo! Wassup my homie? I sorry I not home right now, but yo dude, I be sure to call ya back, aight? Peace out!

Joey: Hey to all you fine ladies that might be callin me, if you're legal, my meatballs and I will home soon, so leave your number, measurements, likes, and dislikes, and I will be sure to get back to you! Kisses and Meatballs!

JC: Hey! I'm either not home or sleeping right now, but if I ever get out of my bed, I'll be sure to call you back! Oh and if this is about my um.. supply... then I just bring it right over to my house, ok? *singing* Bye bye bye!

Chris: *Granny Kirkpatrick's voice* Oh, I'm so glad you called my favorite grandson Chris, but he's out right now, working hard with his little band thing. But if you want to come to my house, come on over! I take in all of Chris' fans! But be sure to bring funnel cakes for me! Bye now!

Lance: HI!!!! My name is Lance Bass, I'm from Mississippi! I don't even know why I bothered to get an answering machine cause no one ever calls me...did I mention I'm from Mississippi??

Voice Mail

Justin: Wassup! This is Lake--Timba, Timba, Timberlake. I'm out playin da field wit my homies, so leave me a message and I'll call yo ass back when I feel like it, yo. If this is Britney, yo bitch, stop callin my fine ass! I be out mackin it wit da fly honeys, not yo skanky ass. Later. BEEP!

Joey: Hey!! You've reached Joey the Italian Stallion. I'm probably getting laid right now, so don't disturb me unless it's important. If this is a business call, press 1. If this is a a fine lady who got my digits and is lookin for some lovin, press 2. If you're calling about STDs or child support, sorry, can't help you. BEEP!

JC: This is JC. Sorry you can't get a hold of me, but page me if any of these situations occurs so I can take care of it: 1) Justin is found in a comprimising position with a groupie, 2) Joey is being sued by another girl for impregnating her, 3) Chris put Lance in the hospital again, or 4)Lance gets his wanker stuck in the vacuum cleaner. Bye. BEEP!

Chris: Hey, this is Chris. I'm not around so leave a message and I'll get back to you. If this is Lance-QUIT CALLING ME!! I don't wanna hang out with you! Leave me the hell alone, loser. BEEP!

Lance: HI!! I'm Lance. I'm out having wild sex with many, many gorgeous women and can't answer my phone right now. If you (Chris interrupting in the backround) Lance shut the hell up!! You're not with anyone--you're in the bathroom with your dick in the toilet paper roll! (Lance again) Hey, I am not--I-- BEEP!!

Believe it or not, we're not at home. Please leave a message after the tone...