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To keep his weight down to 100 lbs, JC has a lot of working out to do every single day. You don't stay that sickly skinny without work, ya know! Here's a look at JC's workout schedule...

Workout Schedule For Today

3:30 PM
Wake up and grab the nearest hypodermic needle, which is breakfast.

3:40 PM
After my breakfast has taken affect, I attempt to fly off the roof of my house.

4:15 PM
After a trip to the emergency room, I am fine.

4:30 PM
I then begin to feel my breakfast's effect of it again, and I pretend I am rubberman and bounce off the walls.

5:20 PM
After another trip to the emergency room, this time with a concussion. After a CAT scan, I'm ready to go again!

5:45 PM
I then begin my daily bench pressing routine. Joey stole
my weights and ate them, so I guess I'll have to use Lance. Although Lance seems to enjoy my hands on him a little too much.

6:00 PM
Do all the "Sweating to the Oldies" tapes by Richard
Simmons. It makes me work harder looking at all the fat
people dancing around to my favorite songs.

6:45 PM
Go running down my street. As all the fans start chasing
after me, scream for Joey so he'll rescue me from all the legal hoes that are chasing after me.

7:00 PM
Eat 20 Happy Meals from the local Mickey D's.

7:20 PM
Take a whole box of laxatives.

7:30 PM
To work off any remaining food in my system, start workout routine:

~100 push-ups
~200 crunches
~225 sit-ups
~150 lunges
~500 jumping jacks
~Run 25 miles with Joey strapped to my back along with
his food bag and 2 hoes.

8:30 PM
Pass out and lay in a pool of my own vomit.

8:35 PM
Wake up, smell vomit, pass out again.

9:00 PM
Come to and chug a bottle of Jack Daniels along with my needle friend.

9:15 PM
Pass out again, this time I do not wake up till the next day.


JC on cloud 9


JC on his crack high...