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Check the mirror, lookin fly...You need more than fine boo-tay to pick up the ladies. You need to have the kickin lines the ladies wanna hear--here are *Nsync's Big Pimpin Pick Up Lines...

~~Justin's Big Pimpin Lines~~
"Wanna see if I'm a natural blonde??"
"Yes, I do have naturally curly hair"
"I'm a gangsta--come be my bitch"
"I will get all freaky on your ass"
"You can ride my Benz and so much more..."

~~Joey's Big Pimpin Lines~~
"HEYYYYY...You look legal"
"Do you like to eat meatballs??"
"I have an idea--I'll pretend to be Hawaii and you can watch my volcano explode"
"Wanna see my FAT ONE??"
"I have big feet and I'm Italian--what else do you need??"

~~JC's Big Pimpin Lines~~
"I'm a space cowboy--wanna ride??"
"My veins aren't the ONLY big things on me"
"Girl, if you were my crack, I'd snort you all day long"
"You are making me high"
"I have a big nose, and you know what they say about big noses..."

~~Lance's Big Pimpin Lines~~
"Is your name Joey?? No?? Nevermind then"
"That's a lovely purse you have--I have the same one"
"You work for Cover Girl!?! My prayers have been answered!"
"Do you like seafood?? How would you like a mouthful of Bass?"

Chris's Big Pimpin Lines
"Yes, it is as big as you think it is"
"You know that old saying...Big packages come on small things"
"I have a hundred dollars hidden on me somewhere--if you can find it, it's yours"
"Please sleep with me"