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*NSYNC SIGNED OUR GUESTBOOK!! *NSYNC SIGNED OUR GUESTBOOK!! Okay, not really, but if they did we think it would look something like this...

Name: Lance
Where are you from? The lab where I was created
How did you find us: The guys told me to search for hate websites about me so they wouldn't have to tell me why they hate me so much
Comments: Pretty cool website! I think it's really funny how you make fun of that guy Lance, funny, we have the same name and even has a ferret like me. Small world, eh? La la la, it's a small world after all, it's a small world after all... gee, I love that ride! I was in Disney World once and kids kept coming up to me cause they thought I was Eeyore, wait, that was just the guys in the band. Hehe!

Name: Justin
Where are you from: The ghetto of Orlando
How did you find us? I was cruzin the net in mah Benz and I stumbled here
Comments: Dis be a cool site, yo. I like da way ya make fun of Lance, he's such a dick, yo. Don't be makin fun of me though, where you get that idea that I talk like that? That be whack, yo! Peace out beotch!

Name: Chris
Where are you from: Hell
How did you find us: Looking for more Anti-*Nsync websites
Comments: Can I join your site? I hate Lance just as much as you do! And how'd you get my diary??? Joey was sitting on it to keep it safe, but you must have persuaded him to give it to you. Figures.

Name: JC
Where are you from: the planet Nebulan
How did you find us: I stumbled across the site as I was flying across the room
Comments: OOOH! Pretty colors! WHEE! I am Spiderman! I can stick to walls!

Name: Joey
Where are you from: Anywhere you want me to be from!
How did you find us: Lookin for legal women!
Comments: HEY! I love the meatball waiver! You're lookin out for the Pimp Daddy Joey! You legal? If you legal, get in touch with me and email me so we can hook up.

If *Nsync ever reads this... please don't hate us and don't write us hate mail. We heart you guys!