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*Nsync says the darnest things...

"What do I like to do besides sing and dance? I like to sleep! But I don't get to do my hobby very often, thank you!"
"This is why we're all in therapy"
"We're hormonal, but we're morally grounded"
"Well I have to have a shower and while I'm in there I sing. It's like a full concert right there-it's Pavarotti!"
"Everyone thinks I like to sleep. It's not that I like to sleep, it's that I don't like to get up! There's a difference!"
"I wouldn't like to be my girlfriend"... Chris, "I would!"
"I?? I?? There is no "I" in *Nsync!!"
"I'd want to be a great leader, like Jesus or Beethoven or Shakespeare."
"A bag of fleas is easier to control than our dear Chris Kirkpatrick."
"For the girl who eats everything, I bring you fudge, cookies and stuff."
"We all roll in the mud."
"If I wasn't in *NSYNC, I would be going toward a pro sleeping career."
"The other guys got B12 injections in their butts but I
refused. The needle was as thick as a matchstick!"
"Wow my groin hurts."
"I don't think any of us are cooks.. but I make a mean pop
"Lance broke the car. Keep it on the downlow!"
"Wax is kinda nice cause then it still moves a little bit."~On his hair products
"We're hams!"
"There's no way in hell you'd catch me in some club sniffing some shit that's gonna kill me... it's a waste." (On doing drugs... yeah right!)
"Ummm..I don't know, I have, woweee. Can I say that on T.V.?"
"My body's just skinny, can't do nothin' about it."
"When I'm on stage more than 20 minutes, I sweat a lot."
"Ah.. well..." ... "I'm perfect!"~Chris... "Well, I'm not Perfect...!"~JC
"He's got, like, the super 80's car!"~on Joey's music taste.
"Did you ALL wear deodorant today? JOEY!"
"I'm not bossy. I'm just into order."

"What we're trying to say is JC is a klepto"
"Joey's got a big ol' butt" *Spank, Spank, Spank*
"Joey bought this jacket that looks like a hydrogen peroxide chewbacca"
"I don't smell like a wet dog"
"I need my food"
"We think Europe has the next Olympic Gold medalists because they will chase our bus for one or two miles."
"Lance got a big old butt, I know I told ya I be true, cuz Lance got a big old butt, so I'm eatin' you!"~Justin and JC talking about who they would eat first if they were stuck in an elevator for a year.
"Joey is dirty... in more ways than one."
"My pants have fallen down before."
"Everyone knows that I'm the best belcher in the group!"
"I don't wear underwear."
"Happy little Busta left a happy little doo~doo in my bunk."
"JC doesn't even chew-he just tips the plate back in his mouth! That's no exaggeration!"
"These pants are so tight, it's like I'm having sex with myself."
"Boom! Whoa! My hair was scarin' me!"
"Nah, man wahtcha talkin' about? I was booty boppin' in the endzone!"
"Sorry for the delay everyone, but some fan just ran backstage and stole all our clothes and we were standing there BUCK NAKED!"
"We wouldn't call the Mets and Yankees fans our 'target audience'!"
"I think my nose is a little big."
"We actually were a little frightened when we heard he was the one going."~On Lance being on Millionare.
"Look woman, if you don't know who you're calling, hang up and try the number again"

"I don't stink! I smell like flowers!"
"My mom thinks I look like Bozo the Clown."
"I have big feet. I can't help it! It's not a bad thing--big feet, big shoes."
"Hold the pickle!"
"How do you catch a squirrel? Climb up a tree and act like a nut...It's not really very funny, is it?"
"You see, JC matured too quickly. He peaked at the age of 15, and he's going downhill slowly. All he wants to do is sleep"
"Yay, yay, yay, yay! I'm going to pee my pants!"
"Lance uses us like wild dogs-he holds us by the leash and waits for us to sniff people out and then he goes meets them himself"
"My wildest fantasy is a big pool of jello...that's all I'm know, hang out with a bunch of people in a pool of jello"
"I'm just a guy in a world full of girls, what else am I supposed to do? Ignore them?"
"Whoa...whoa!! That girl just checked me out!"
*From the Donnie and Marie show* "...Describe the person next to you..." "HAHAHAHAHA!"~Joey says while sitting next to Lance.
"Is it true that you guys really think I'm funny, or do you just laugh because my jokes suck??"
"A mushroom walks into a bar and the bartender says 'We don't serve your kind.' And the mushroom says 'Why not?? I'm a fungi'"
"We listen to the Backstreet Boys" (In lisp)
"I'd yell." (on what he'd do if he only had 5 minutes before the end of the world)
"I picked my nose when I was younger, therefor I have big nostrils."
"We wear spandex sometimes under our clothes, because we do a lot of heavy dancing and.. nevermind."
"I could bite my toenails, I don't want to, but I could."
"Haven't you seen me in action?"

"You can embarrass us my having Joey come out on stage"
"Lance is irreplaceable because he's an albino from Mississippi"
"Actually Lance and I have to sit at opposite ends of the couch cause you know what? We'll cat fight! -Justin "yeah, meow!" "Yeah, we're like two Chinese fighting fish"
"I think I'm in Lance's dream"
"I am NOT a dork! Take it back!"
"Joey you're so funny that you could quit US and open up for us"
"Don't touch me!!" ~talking to Lance
"He's albino."~talking about Lance.
"And we got Lance! ...The four of us are replaceable... Lance is irreplaceable... He's albino... Quit lying, he's a Mississippi albino... They're very rare in this part of the country."
"Well, we were all out albino hunting one day..."
"I better go pick up my grandma before she goes Puerto Rican on my ass."
"If my girlfriend were taller than me, I'd start to wear heels."
"If we had auditioned everyone, I don't think Joey would have made it."
"Joey killed like 20 elmos and made a coat out of it."
"The worst feeling in the world is when you stick your hand
in a bowl of jelly and you don't wash it off. Now that's a
bad feel! It goes all sticky and crusty."
"This is where we show our naked asses!"
"So in other words, Lance has a sexy voice and we just have each other."
"He's got one suit he wears that makes him look like Elmo! It's weird, red and it makes his hips look really big"~On Joey
"Lance is our good luck charm. We have to remember him everywhere we go."
"If I were a Spice Girl, I'd be Taco Spice or Refried Bean Spice."
"This is all about chicks for him. I'm going to say it right now. This is all about chicks. He doesn't even like music, come to think about it. He doesn't like dancing either. This is all about chicks" (On Joey)
"I think my ball got stuck!"
"You have to have form too. You have to stick your butt out"
"Yeah, me and my grandma got into a bad knitting accadent" (Chris talking about his shitlocks)
"We did a good job making fun of ourselves."~On the SNL skit.
"He didn't smell the best either!"~On Dirk being on the tourbus.
"It's 'N SUCK, not 'N Stink, get it right!"

"Listen to me, listen to me!!"
"We're not a boy band...we're a dude band"
"Now can I talk?"
"M-I-crooked letter-crooked letter-I-crooked letter-crooked letter-I-humpback-humpback-I!!"
"I was skydiving once and hit a bird"
"I'm *Nsync. Last night some guy came up to me and was llike 'You're *Nsync.' And I was like no, I'm Lance Bass."
"I look like a Macy's Thanksgiving Parade balloon"
"I'm old-fashioned because I'm from Mississippi"
"I can't bear looking in the mirror-I guess that's why my hair looks like this"
"Poofoo, Poofoo, where are you? Please come out and play!"
"Man...I need to shave"
"That's sooooooo not Mississippi"
"It's not all about the horses!! Trust me, it's not about the horses!!"
"I dont' think Eminem is so much as dissin' us, as it is like a shout-out!"
"We weren't put together by anybody. We didn't go through a boot camp audition, no training whatsoever."
"The biggest diva would have to be either JC or Justin."
"Growing up, I love M*A*S*H and Cheers-those are my favorite shows."
"My favorite word is whatchamacallit."
"Some people call them our bodyguards, but they?really our background singers."
"I was the worst dancer when I joined the group. I spent hours with the choreographer everyday so I could be a better dancer."
"Ummm... is it true y'all nominated me for the best bass singer for the Grammies this year?"
"I'm busting out of my package. My package is busting out. I"
"Busta's pissing right now."
"I have the worst memory in the world... I even forget the words to our songs."
"Me and Joey always went out."
"Joey put whipped cream and beanie babies all over my head."
"Do you believe in love at first sight or do I have to walk by again?"
"I just like the letters P-M-S!"

Sometimes it would just be better if they just kept their mouthes shut...