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The boys crack us up enough with the stuff they do, but some things we just can't help wanting to see...

>Chris making a bonfire out of Lance's Beenie Baby collection

>Lance in full drag

>JC doing a striptease

>Joey's Meatballs

>What goes on in their dressing rooms *NAKED!!*

>Joey trying to pick up an undercover cop on the street corner

>Chris and Lance ultimate fighting

>The Undertaker giving Lance the "Last Ride"

>Someone who actually is a fan of Lance

>Timby......naked. Nuff said

>Chris cry when he cut the shitlocks off

>Lance giving Britney Spears make-up tips

>Justin doing the "Shake-it" dance

>How fast they could run from a group of horny teenage girls

>JC licking, well, anything again

>What they all look like in 20 years

>Joey in a porn movie (if he already hasn't done one)

>*Nsync dissing Britney Spears

>The guys trying to learn how to play instruments

>Joey doing calculus

>Chris explaining the birds and the bees to the boys when they were younger

>Celebrity Deathmatch; *Nsync vs. Kid Rock and Eminem

>JC not acting stuck-up

>Justin's fro when he first wakes up