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Boy, You Workin With Some Ass, Yeah, You Bad, Yeah

Why Joey Is A Sexy Bitch

~He knows how to use the meatballs

~Those big pretty brown eyes

~He is a big fine man and could kick the crap out of Thrusty Justy

~Have you seen him dance?? Whoa!! That man can move his body


~If he does, it is not the one of his shoulders

~He is damn sexy and he knows it

~The big pretty smile

~His very very pretty voice--too bad no one ever HEARS IT!!

Why Justin Is Better Than Joey

Oh wait a minute--he's NOT!!


My, Joey, what a big tongue you have...


Can you put anymore red in this picture??


I bet my head would fit perfectly between his legs...hmmmm...


I have an idea--you can be Santa Claus, and I can sit on your lap and tell you what I want for Christmas


Look at that "come hither" look he's givin out. What a pimp!!


EW..Joey has chicken legs


Okay he looks GOOOOD here, but why is his one eye cloudy??


Hey...How YOU doin??


Joey: I wanna sex you up...


UHHH!! Look at that pretty smile...


Whoa!! Nicki loves pictures like these, cuz unlike Leah and Marisa, I never get to see my man naked. Might I add that his arms are nicer than JC and Justin...

Things I'd Do With Joey If We Spent The Day Together

~See if he can touch his tongue to his nose

~Get out the ruler and measure his feet

~Ask if I can spank him (hey, Justin gets to do it)

~Take him shopping and make him try on every tight thing I can find

~Ask him if he likes Superman

~Buy him a meatball hoagie

~Get all the dirt on Lance

~Ask about the other members, you know, sizes (and I don't mean clothes)

~Convince him to shave off all of Justin's hair while he's asleep

~Take him to get his tongue pierced

~Pants him

~Ask him if he's Italian

~Go underwear shopping

~Make him sing "Back That Ass Up"

~When he goes to the bathroom, run in behind him with my camera

~Say that he looks like Howie D and see what he says

~Tell him that putting Weight Gain 2000 in JC's food for 6 months would be a really good prank

~Take him to the hair salon and have fun changing hair colors together

~Play a rousing game of "Hide the Salami"

~Go to Spencer's and look at all the sex toys (although he probably has them all)

~Find teeny-bopper magazines and tell him which pictures he looks stupid in

~Explain to him that sometimes he sounds like a total ass when he's talking

~Ask him how his meatballs are doing

~Mention that I looooooove meatballs

~Go bowling and mention that I like having big balls in my hands

~Say that the Kama Sutra is my all-time favorite book and see if a conversation starts

~Grab the meatballs!!


If I had my way with him, his leg would be permenently stuck like that


The Stoner Look. How cute...


Spread em!! Spread em, dammit!!!


I bet there's a ho over there he's checkin out...


Whoa!! Joey, could your feet get any bigger??


<<Nicki sees Joey in wifebeater...Nicki hits floor and passes out...>>


My, you thrust so well, Joey...


Look at him--that's my sexy Brooklyn bitch!!