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We know you came here for *Nsync, but see who the minds behind the madness are! There are 3 awesome grrls that have contributed in making this kick-ass website!! We're Marisa, Leah, and Nicki. Now we know you could care less about us, but take the time and read what we have to say. There's been a ton of thought and time that has gone into making this for all of you out there, and we'd like you to know who's behind the insanity...


Nicki, Leah, and Marisa at the *Nsync concert in July!


Hola! I heart *Nsync, but I guess you knew that already! I listen to them constantly, and I learn the dances to their songs. I love my JC-I just think he's so adorable. I'm no longer a hardcore Backstreet Boys fan... I have seen the light along with Nicki!! Other than *Nsync, I really have a lot of other interests. I'm in band, so that consumes the rest of my time, but it's my life. I'm going to college next year, but I'll still be keeping my *Nsync obsession alive! :P


I'm the newest *Nsync fan around here. Leah and Marisa converted me from the ultimate Backstreet Boys fan to an *Nsync lover. Don't get me wrong, I still love my Backstreet, but *Nsync is just more fun. I was converted on July 16th, when we went to Three Rivers and saw the No Strings Attached Tour. I went because I didn't have anything better to do, and besides, I love going to concerts. So I went, not expecting much, and loved the whole show. From there it just snowballed to the insanity of the present.
I also love 2gether, MTV's fake boyband. What could be better than a bunch of singing, dancing, weird guys in an unreal band??
Let it be known that I am not a crazy teeny-bopper: I am just plain crazy. I'm the pervert of our group, and pretty much any group for that matter. I love having fun and making fun of people.


I am the founding member of this group of Nsyncers. Yes I convert the masses, maybe I should get a promotional job "working" with them...hehe.I have never met them but that is my goal one out guys I'm comin' for ya! I have been to both of their concerts both in Pittsburgh and I don't think I will ever miss one! Anyways I have loved the group for almost three years and I have loved my Timby forever in lifetimes before and in the MMC. I will love them always and continue the tradition of insanity. Stay Nsync!

Let's get this straight...

We are crazy and we are proud of it. To a certain degree we're also perverts. We like what we do and have a hell of a time doing it. We work very hard on this page. If you can't take a joke, hey, it's not our fault. We understand--some people are just like that.

On the home page we mentioned this, but we'll say it again: WE DO LIKE *NSYNC. Some people get the impression that we are anti-*Nsync, and that is VERY NOT TRUE. We're incredibly huge fans of theirs and continue to like them more day by day. Nicki and Marisa like them so much that they ditched the Backstreet Boys completely for *Nsync booty. We are just having fun concerning our favorite celebrities, no harm intended. If *Nsync ever happens across the website, we think that they'll understand this was done in good humor. (HAHAHAHAHAHAH!! Like *Nsync will ever see this. Hey, we can dream!!)

We will make fun of Lance at every chance that is presented to us. We do not like him, end of story. You will not be able to count the number of times the word MEATBALL is on this site. And it's rising every second.

What exactly do we do??

Marisa set up the page and did a kick-ass job with our layout. She is in charge of all the pictures on the page. She hunts the internet for them, uploads them, and puts the majority of them. She adds the captions to make fun of them too. She added our link to different places and figures our the new stuff we need. She worships JC and has her own page on him here, not to mention her personal site she has on Tripod.

Leah did our story and song parody. She did alot of other non *Nsync songs before we started this site. She is especially good at making fun of Lance, as we all are, but she is the most brutal. She's the Timby fanatic and has her Justin page here.

Nicki starts and sets up most of the pages and gets them going for the site. She comes up with the concepts and names for alot of the pages. She does upload a few pictures and does a good deal of the specialty humor too. She proofreads everything and obsesses over spelling and grammar. She's the Meatball Girl, Joey's biggest fan, and she has her Joey site here.

All three of us work on the specialty humor and come up with new sayings and ideas for the page. We all work our asses off coming up with new stuff to humor you, not to mention ourselves. We're all friends and love cracking each other up. We go to the same high school and kinda live by each other somewhere outside of Pittsburgh.

Why "Meatball Heaven?"

The three of us have a running gag about meatballs. And if you're a smart cookie, you probably already realized this centers around Joey. It mainly started at the concert we went to. All of us love Joey, but know he's into poontang in the worst way. He seems like the kind of guy who wil jump the first thing that comes along. (No pun intended.)The whole night was spent talking about Joey's meatball giveaway. "You want Joey's meatballs?? You can have all the meatballs you want!!" Nicki's infatuation with him turned the jokes up, and soon became our inside joke. So when it came time to name our *Nsync humor site, Meatball Heaven seemed ever so appropriate. That's our story and we're stickin to it, dammit.

Leah's Mission

In the early days of *Nsync, many girls wandered the desert of the Backstreet Boys, knowing no other boyband. They were on their way from Seattle to Orlando, where the new music was and where history was being made.

One night Leah asended Mount Timberlake while the other girls danced around their golden statues of BSB. She saw a flaming fro before her and then heard the voice of her god.

Justin said unto her, "Yo, go out and convert da masses. Make them like *Nsync and forget about tha Backstreet Boys. They be whack, yo, and we be kickin it. We sing betta, we dance betta, and I be more fly than Nick Carter. Go, and spread tha news. Tell dem I will be they heart-throb if they will be ma fans."

She came down from the mountain, dazed and bow-legged, with bright blond hair. In each arm she held a CD--*Nsync in one, and No Strings Attached in the other. She then spoke out to the crowd.

"We have been worshipping false heart-throbs. They are not the way to Orlando. Surely if we keep following the Backstreet Boys, we will get nowhere."

The crowd was stunned; no one had ever spoken against the BSB before. They thought that Nick, Brian, Howie, AJ, and Kevin were the only way to true fun and happiness in music. Leah then went on.

"I have seen the Fro of the Lord and he spoke to me. He is from a group called *Nsync. They are better in every way than Backstreet. Come, gather around."

So the confused girls gathered around and listened to the CDs. By the time they got to "I Drive Myself Crazy", they were hooked. They realized *Nsync was better, and left the BSB behind. They thanked Leah for showing them the light, and again started towards Orlando, only now for different reasons.

From then on, everywhere she went, Leah converted the masses, drawing them away from their beloved Backstreet to *Nsync. Some would convert quickly, some would take years, but she persevered on, drawing girls away from the dark side and to the light of Justin, Chris, JC, Joey, and Lance. So is the story of Leah.