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God forbid it ever happen, but what if the boys of *Nsync were responsible for educating the youth of America?? Here are some of the courses we think they could teach...

Professor Fatone's Classes
101 Meatball Handling
102 Picking Up The Hoes
103 Eating
104 Cooking
105 Big Pimpin

Professor Chasez's Classes
201 Crack Snorting
202 Drug Deal Etiquitte
203 Sleeping
204 Acting Hyper
205 The Art Of Tight Pants

Professor Timberlake's Classes
301 Driving Da Benz
302 Pelvic Thrusts
303 Doo-Rag Applications
304 Fro Management
305 Gettin Wit Da Bitches

Professor Kirkpatrick's Classes
401 Living With Idiots
402 101 Ways To Kill Yourself
403 Why Lance Sucks
404 The History Of FuMan Skeeto
405 Busta Fun

Professor Bass's Classes
501 Gay Sex
502 How To Look Unattractive
503 Peroxide And You
504 Fun With Ferrets
505 Joey's Ass

Community Classes
601 Fun With Rhinestones
602 Crotch Grabbing
603 Killing Rival Boy Bands
604 Hair Gel; An *Nsyncer's Best Friend
605 Making Teenage Girls Horny